TrickOrScript, Created by Animators, Made for Animators provides you the most revolutionary Plugins for Adobe Flash. Our Plugins are scripted panels that help you working in Adobe Flash at authortime. They are made to use specially in character animation for long feature movies, TV series, internet, games, interactive media and the like. These Flash Plugins have been developed during 3 years of long-feature productions and they are being improved every day. Our Flash Plugins lead you flash animator and your animation team to the highest quality level and the optimum Flash animation workflow. Download TrickOrScript plugins today and try them for free!


A Little History About Us

Based in Rio de Janeiro, the most beautiful city in Brazil, was created in 2007 by the animator Alan Camilo. Everything started in 2004, when Labocine Digital was producing a 80 minutes long-feature flash animated movie. There were 20 animators back then and they had just nine months to produce the entire movie from scratch to film. They got to the point that they needed to speed up their production as well as improve the quality. Alan Camilo started developing some Plugins and it doesn't took so long for the team to realize the amazing positive impact in the pipeline. All the animators then started giving him new ideas for new plugins. As a result, the movie met the deadline and the quality became even better than the client expected at the beginning and it end up with a beautiful collection of plugins for Flash animators, which they can't see how to work without them anymore. Watch the trailer of the movie "Turma da Monica em: Uma Aventura no Tempo". In 2012 with over 10,000 licenses sold around the world, establishes itself as the most respectable Flash animation plugins developer that ever existed.

Our Clients

TrickOrScript is the choice of professionals and we're very proud to have some of the most respectable Flash animation studios in the world using our Plugins on their pipeline. Testament to our ongoing commitment to providing the very best in Flash character animation plugins solutions.

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What they say about us...

“Trick Or Script is the bomb! These plugins clearly fill the gap between the animator and the Flash interface. It is clear that these plugins were developed by an animator for animators using Flash in their production workflow.”
Chris Georgenes - Mudbubble LLC
Adobe Community Expert
  “I believe TrickOrScript.Com has put together one of the best and most complete Plug-in Suites for Flash Character Animation. Not only have their products saved me tons of time personally, but I would highly recommend any of their products to other working professionals or animation studios. You guys ROCK!”
Larry Rains
Flash Animator
“I really think that your plug-ins makes flash work so much better. Since I am a character-animator flash in its basic form can be a little difficult to work with.”
Mattias Gordon
Flash Animator/Illustrator
  “Your service is brilliant! I can't write anything bad. Fast and to the point. It's been a pleasure doing business with you guys. Keep it up. Thanks guys!”
Media Technician
“I have been so happy with Trick-or-Script! I wish my animation skills extended to an understanding of programs but I must admit I find it challenging. So when I did run into a snag I wasn't only relieved that you were such a great help in resolving the issue so easily but that you responded as quickly as you did, wow! I'm so confident in the product and great service provided that I've recommended Trick-or-Script to my animation colleagues.”
Caroline Vanderhoeven
Flash Animator
  “The TrickOrScript plugins are fantastic! Not only have they helped speed up and simplify some crucial everyday tasks, but they've made Flash animating even more fun! I've been using Flash since 1999 and these are some of the most useful and necessary tools for the program that I've seen. I can't imagine using Flash without them ever again..”
Bryon E. Carson

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Download TrickOrScript plugins today and try them for free!